Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

Legal compliance is a must for any business, but it can be difficult to navigate the complexities of today’s  regulatory environment. We guide our clients through all layers with ease and provide assistance that  helps them forge constructive relationships with regulatory authorities. 

At WSR we get excited about breakthrough technologies and helping businesses navigate the regulatory challenges they represent. We excel at reconciling new cryptocurrency law against outdated finance law  and delivering a solution that exceeds client expectations or helping a client bring breakthrough  cannabis medicinal products to market through murky and untested deregulations when shipping  products across international borders. 

We register pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and supplements with expert prosecutions to ensure your  products achieve registration smoothly and quickly. We handle business licensing of all types, from  complex FDA licensing for import, export and manufacturing to simple food and alcohol licenses for food  and beverage businesses. And we manage all your yearly regulatory compliance reporting, maintenance  and renewals with our state-of-the-art practice management software.

  • Alcohol & Tobacco License
  • Animal, Aquatic, and Crop Registration
  • Cannabis & Hemp License
  • Construction License
  • E-Commerce License
  • Factory License
  • Financial Services License
  • Food License (for restaurants)
  • Foreign Business License
  • Hazard to Health License
  • Hazardous Substance Registration
  • Publishing License
  • Recruitment License
  • School License
  • TAT tourism License
  • Thailand Factory License
  • Thailand Hotel License
  • Thailand Import/Export License
  • Thailand Manufacturing Licenses
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If you have more questions after our first consultation, we are happy to assist you further. Our consultation rates are as follows:

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