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Work Permits & Visas

Work Permits & Visas

WSR’s experienced immigration attorneys can help you with all aspects of your visa and work permit application. We are experienced in handling applications for all types of visas, including Non-B visa, Retirement visa, Thai Elite visa (we handle these for free!), 4 Year Smart visa, investment visa, family visa, education visa, and marriage visa. We understand the process and requirements of each type of visa, and we can help you navigate the application process quickly and efficiently. We also offer a full range of corporate immigration services for businesses that need to obtain work permits and visas for their employees. Whether you are an individual or a business, we can provide the legal assistance you need to obtain the visa or work permit you need to stay in Thailand. 

We also handle complex cases, if you have overstayed, or don’t have enough time left to properly apply, are missing a requirement, need to transfer to a new visa type, cannot return to your home country for humanitarian reasons or any other situation which is complicating your visa acquisition, contact us today. We can help.

Work Permits
If you are just setting up your business in Thailand, you will need 4 Thai staff per foreign employee as well as 2 million baht registered capital per work permit, however there are solutions to reduce this if your business qualifies. Talk to us, before you set up, for alternative solutions to reduce these requirements.

Our team is also experienced in obtaining 15-day work permits for entertainers, if your company is bringing in foreign talent to perform, contact us for assistance.

  • One-year business visa
  • Investment visa
  • Four-year smart visa
  • Marriage visa
  • Retirement visa
  • Education visa
  • Family visa for dependents
  • Thai Elite Visa (free processing!)
  • Work Permits
  • Work Permit Transfers
  • Visa Transfers
  • Overstay Assistance
  • 90 Day Reporting Service
  • Employee Maintenance
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Entertainer Visas

Corporate Services

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