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Company Closures

Company Closures

There are many reasons why a company may decide to close down. It may be due to financial difficulties, changes in market conditions, or the retirement of the owner. Whatever the reason, closing a company can be a lengthy and cumbersome process. In Thailand, the process must be done efficiently and follow the procedure of the law. If the shareholders decide to close the company, the primary step is to finalize and audit the company’s accounts to have a final look at the assets and liabilities. Once that is done, a lawyer or attorney can help with the dissolution process. They will file the necessary paperwork with the relevant government agencies and ensure that all legal requirements are met. Finally, the assets of the company will be distributed to the shareholders according to their ownership stake. While closing a company can be a complex process, working with a law firm can make it much easier.

As WSR is both a law and accounting firm, we can handle the entire process in house with out certified accountants, auditors and attorneys.

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