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Thai Limited Company

Thai Limited Company

Incorporating a limited company in Thailand can be a fast and easy process with the help of an experienced lawyer or attorney. This type of company offers shareholders limited liability, meaning they are only responsible for the amount of money they have invested in the company. This is an attractive option for foreign investors who may be concerned about exposing themselves to potential legal liabilities in Thailand. There are some restrictions on foreign ownership of limited companies in Thailand, but our team of lawyers can help you overcome these hurdles legally. Contact us today to learn more about incorporating a limited company in Thailand.

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Mandatory Requirements

  • You need at least 2 shareholders
  • You need at least 1 director
  • 25% of the registered share capital should be paid up
  • Monthly Accounting
  • Semi-Annual & Annual Financial Reporting
  • Yearly Auditing
Family Law

Foreign Concerns*

  • 49% maximum foreign ownership
  • Must employ 4 Thais for each foreigner
  • THB 2 million capital per foreign employee

* Talk to us about your options for 100% foreign owned Thai companies, reduction in number of Thai employees required and capital requirements.

WSR is your one stop shop for all your mandatory legal and accounting requirements for your company in Thailand at very reasonable prices for SMES to multinational corporations. 

Added bonus:

Every time a client incorporates a new business through us, we donate THB 500 to Bles Thailand

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