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Do you know! Thailand is now a business-friendly environment by offering diverse structures to maintain economic growth and a level of attractiveness for foreign investors. Thailand has various forms of structures that foreign businesses can utilize to begin operations in the country. There are currently seven distinct types of business structures that foreigners can utilize […]

Thailand amends labour law to allow Work From Home (WFH)

Key takeaway Thailand has enacted legislation to allow for work from home for company employees. Employers are not under a legal obligation to allow their employees to work from home. To govern work-from-home policies, employer and employees must make an agreement. Work-from-home agreements gather pace In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, various companies implemented work-from-home […]

Always proud when our donation time of year comes around again.

Our small but growing trademark practice planted 21 trees last year, this year 36, and 2024 is off to a big start looking forward to a much greater number next year. In case you did not know, for each trademark application filed on behalf of our clients. We’ve planted a tree to support reforestation projects […]

Navigating Real Estate Laws in Thailand – A Guide for Foreign Investors

Navigating Real Estate Laws in Thailand - A Guide for Foreign Investors

Thailand is a popular destination for foreign real estate investors due to its tropical climate, low cost of living, and modern amenities. However, the country’s real estate laws contain complex restrictions and limitations for non-citizens. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Thailand’s property ownership regulations to help foreign investors make informed decisions.

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