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About WSR International

About WSR International

Law Firm 4.0

What happens when you combine the talent of some of the best freelance lawyers in Thailand with cutting edge legal technology and give them the freedom to do what they do best their way? A fully distributed firm with quite possibly the lowest carbon footprint of any law firm out there, with lawyers who actually love their work, meeting client needs through the very technology they love to facilitate.

Combine this with customer centric service led by an executive with over 25 years of leading customer service, operations and sales teams and you get a law firm like no other.

WSR International lives by the motto monetize, defend, facilitate. We aren’t here to bill hours; we are here to help you meet and exceed your business objectives. No nonsense, no excuses solutions, total transparency for both your legal and accounting needs.

Whether you need a creative solution for cutting edge technology law, or help with more traditional business law, family law, criminal law, tax law and more, no matter the industry or personal need – contact us today to experience the difference for yourself. Lawyers that put customers first, always, and actually enjoy their work, it makes all the difference in the world.

We help good people and good companies excel.

About WSR International


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