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Nathan Wood

Nathan Wood

Nathan Wood


With 25 years in executive management, it only made sense that we let Nathan take the lead to drive the growth of our firm. A natural relationship builder and strategic planner, he has spent his career as a corporate troubleshooter before pivoting into law. He is one of very few foreign nationals to hold a law degree from Thailand’s premier law school Thammasat University. He spent 4 years at the same prestigious intellectual property law firm as Sukhprem, our Head of Emerging & Breakthrough Law, exiting as VP of Operations, before taking on the VP Legal role at the Destination Group where he handled all the legal affairs of 74 companies in 16 countries. Nathan is very well versed in a wide variety of law in many jurisdictions and is ideally suited for devising multi-jurisdictional legal corporate strategy, corporate and personal wealth tax structures as well as trademark strategy, cross border transactions, M&A, intellectual property and tax reduction through IP. The combination of business acumen and strategy with legal know how makes Nathan a premier business facilitator.


Education & Certification

  • Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Humber College, Toronto, Canada


  • Corporate Law
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Cross Border Transactions
  • Immigration & Global Mobility
  • Intellectual Property
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Corporate Structuring
  • M&A

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