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Understanding the Litigation Process

The process of civil litigation takes place when a dispute needs to be resolved through the court system. There is a plethora of situations where two parties cannot find a resolution to a disagreement or conflict, resulting in the initiation of legal proceedings. The need for a business litigation lawyer can vary massively depending on the specifics of the situation in which the dispute is raised. For instance, litigation may be necessary to resolve disputes over commercial disagreements, employment conflicts, wrongful termination, discrimination, negligence, personal injuries, intellectual property, etc. There are typically various stages throughout the litigation process, including pre-trial, motion practice, trial, and often appeals. However, hiring a civil litigation attorney can make the process much easier and faster and get clients better results.

The Right Time to Hire a Bangkok Litigation Lawyer

Typically, litigation occurs when two parties are unable to resolve a dispute through negotiation or other methods of resolution. There are various scenarios in which it is necessary to seek the help of a civil litigation lawyer. Below are some of the more common reasons people use WSR as their trusted litigation law firm in Thailand.

Breach of Contract – A civil litigation lawyer often helps resolve a conflict when one party fails to fulfil contracted obligations, resulting in damage or financial loss.

Personal Injury – When a person suffers an injury due to the negligence of another party, personal injury litigation helps them acquire compensation. Litigation attorneys can help navigate the complexities of making a liability claim and ensure their clients get what they deserve.

Business Disputes – It isn’t uncommon for conflicts to arise between business partners, suppliers, shareholders, and customers. A commercial litigation attorney can often be the most amicable way to settle these disputes, ensuring all parties involved get the results they need.

Divorce Settlement – Litigation in divorce is standard practice. Litigation solicitors can guide both parties through the negotiation process and help them achieve the results to get back on their feet afterwards.

Employment Disputes – When employers and employees face legal issues, such as harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, wage disputes, or contract violations, a litigation firm can resolve the issue quickly and ensure everyone walks away with fair compensation.

Real Estate Disputes – If a conflict arises over property rights, boundaries, landlord-tenant issues, or a breach of contract, a business litigation lawyer can ensure it is resolved fairly.

H2: The Importance of Litigation in Thailand

Thailand’s litigation lawyers, such as WSR, play a crucial role in ensuring justice and fairness are always upheld, enhancing the nation’s stability and reputation. From criminal litigation attorneys to personal injury lawyers, the litigation process allows people to have what is rightfully theirs. Through this process, individuals and businesses can seek redress for grievances and their rights and civil liberties can be enforced. Our Bangkok litigation lawyers serve as a mechanism for ensuring disputes are resolved amicably and with complete transparency.

Rattana Rachawangmoung

Rattana Rachawangmoung


Why Choose WSR as Your Bangkok Litigation Lawyer?

WSR are a long-serving, experienced litigation firm dedicated to providing clients with the services they deserve. We have a team of skilled litigation solicitors who know how to navigate the courtroom and all necessary preparation. We also have all the resources and support staff needed to fight any case. If you want a fast and seamless litigation process, WSR can provide all the guidance you need efficiently and transparently. Our multilingual litigation lawyers are prepared for anything and can help you achieve the results you want. If you suspect you have been a victim of someone’s wrongdoing or negligence, or someone has breached a contract or caused damage to your property, contact WSR International to see how our business litigation lawyers can help. Whether it is corporate breach of contract, personal injury, labour dispute, cross-border debt collection, labour dispute, divorce or property dispute contact our winning team, our highly experienced team of civil and criminal litigators have what it takes for you to come out on top.


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