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Bank Account Openings

Bank Account Openings

No business set up is complete without a corporate bank account.

Gone are the days of easy set ups, (if there ever was such a thing in Thailand), with ever tightening financial scrutiny around the world setting up a bank account has become a tedious, document driven fiasco. Some days you would think the banks don’t want new business!

Once again WSR to the rescue, we can easily handle all the paperwork and ensure a smooth bank account set up experience through our partnerships with both local and international banks here in Thailand and around the region. Whether you are using us locally or we are setting you up in multiple countries, we can look after your bank account set ups along with your incorporations.

We will do all the paperwork and even accompany you to the bank (in Thailand) to ensure any last-minute hiccups are resolved on the spot.

Corporate Services

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If you have more questions after our first consultation, we are happy to assist you further. Our consultation rates are as follows:

First consultationFREE
Subsequent consultations5,000 THB / hour